TheNext Generation of Horse Assisted Education Training


If you want to learn and understand specialised knowledge in the field of horse assisted education, equine guided education, equine assisted learning and all other forms of horse assisted learning, please consider our:-

HorseDream Partner License Workshops 1-4

- Picadero Exercises
- Leadership Exercises
- Reaching Goals, Overcoming Obstacles
- Integral HorseMapping

This programme represents the UK division  of the HorseDream Partner programme establish by Gerhard and Karin Krebs. For more information visit

This is a business approach. We are provide leadership development programmes and team building for organisations looking to maximise their most valuable resource; their people.

We are working with industry experts Ken Wilbur’s “Integral Mode” as a background theory. Thus, it would be helpful for you to be familiar with books like "The Integral Vision" (Ken Wilber) or "Conscious Business" (Fred Kofman). Please send us an email if you would like to get further information.

Our goal is for you to learn  about our special leadership development approach and to enable you to experience similar success.  After you have attended the workshop only then you are allowed to use the phrase “Licensed HorseDream Partner” on your website, in your brochures, and on your business papers.


Picadero Exercises” are about working with clients in the “Small School”. This work is based around establishing Trust and Respect at a profound level.

Leadership Exercises” is about engaging with clients in various hands-on exercises. Leading a horse is an engaging and profound process. We will learn how to trust the horse’s responses and how to “trust the process” of learning with horse.

"Reaching Goals, Overcoming Obstacles” is about individuals , groups, or teams  and their relationship with specific goals and the obstacles that stand in their way. Reaching a goal is a process, overcoming obstacles is a process both have a structure that is useful to understand. We will learn how to trust the horse’s responses to our goals and to our obstacles and how to “trust the process” of learning.  A Goal is one thing, a personal vision is another, and a shared vision is a third. In this workshop we will also work on our personal and our shared vision.

 “Integral HorseMapping” is about working with single clients, groups, and teams in personal, structural, and organizational constellations. We will learn how to use the help of horses in a constellation process and we’ll make the first steps toward the integral approach of Ken Wilber, Fred Kofman, Don Beck, Peter Senge and others.

Besides working with the horses you will learn more about HorseDream principles, our philosophy and our theoretical background.

 To be a Licensed HorseDream Partner you need to share the main parts of our approach, in your own way.

This approach is a integrated learning system. We understand that every body has skills and capabilities and they are all  different; sometimes we are effective and ineffective. There is extraordinary learning innot achieving the desired outcome; we often learn more from a "failure or problem" so in our approach we value the whole experience for its huge learning potential.

Karin and Gerhard Krebs are  establishing an international “Licensed HorseDream Partner Community” in which we all are working together. We encourage cooperation and collaboration.

As a licensed HorseDream Partner you have access to all information about concepts, training schedules, prices, customers, experiences or whatever is published on the HorseDream Partners website.

In return every licensed HorseDream Partner can and should publish his/her own material on this website to make it a real compendium for the whole group.

While we are working with the horses we will shoot  videos. From this video you can make a 3-minutes film of each workshop for your own public presentations and for your website, YouTube or other video platforms

HorseDream License Practitioners Certification Programme Dates

 - Places strictly limited to 4 people.

Tuesday 30th January to Friday 30th February 2018