About HorseDream UK


David Harris - Founder


We have been supporting profound Leadership Development with Horses since 2003. We are proud to be market leaders in this domain.

We are an organisation focused of delivering high quality, profound development experiences for individuals and companies. Since 2003 we have delivered our Equine Guided Development programmes to over 2,000 people. These programs enable participants to develop effective, sustainable skills in leadership (self and others) and teamwork which are instantly integrated. What makes these programmes so special is the learning takes place with horses in safe, trusting  and open environments.


Why HorseDream UK?

We have trained many of the worlds leading Horse Assisted Educators. Using our extensive experience we are able ensure our participants will succeed in this field. Once you have completed a programme with us we continue you to support you in any way that serves you.

We are the only EAHAE certified providers of HAE in the UK.

A Few Previous Participants

Julia Felton

June Burgess

Jude Jennison and Emma Taylor

Paul and Sara Jackson

Why horses?

We work with horses because, in our experience, horses offer the best development opportunities for our participants. Horses pay attention at an energetic level to themselves and others, have flexible leadership skills to suite the environment and do not buy into politics. This enables participants to receive direct, clean and timely feedback on how they are performing. This type of feedback ensures participants  learn very quickly, easily and accurately. This ensures very fast, congruent and sustainable delopment takes place. In effect each participant receives a bespoke training of what is required to be learnt, to move them forward, to success.


David Harris - Founder


David Harris is an internationally acclaimed trainer, speaker and coach. He has over 29 years experience in the corporate domain with focus on leadership, experiential learning  and high performing teams. He has a wealth of experience in running multimillion-pound organisations, project/programme management, account management and sales.

He is a certified NLP Master Practitioner, Success Factor Modelling Practitioner, ICF PCC Certified Coach, Group Mastery Practitioner and Trainer and a Pioneering Trainer of Equine Guided Learning of all types.

He is passionate about people and their ability to achieve their goals in the way that works for them best. David says “All I want is for people to be able to be their best”  

His broad business experience together with excellent NLP, coaching and training abilities provide clients with an extremely powerful coaching or training experience.