The perfect entry programme for

Horse Assisted Educators


The “Train The Trainer” program is for people wishing to learn how to work effectively in this very special modality. It is a three-day training to not only show you what I do, how and why. It is also designed to align your program with your personality, skills and strengths.

In the design we have incorporated accelerated learning techniques from NLP, Group Mastery,  and many schools of Coaching. We feel this guarantees you learn efficiently and ensures a very special experience.

This is a multi dimensional training, not just teaching a series of exercise; in it you will:-

· Learn to create environments where people can learn from horses

· Experience an A2O EGLD training

· Understand the program from a trainer’s and clients viewpoints

· See how to incorporate different exercise into your own programs so they resonate with you and enable clients to learn easily

· Design your own training structures

· Bring yourself and own special skills to your training

· Overcome any challenges or obstacles you are currently experiencing

If all this appeals to you, please join us for what will be a great experience, guaranteed. Contact us and book your place now.

The T.T.T. is aimed at people wishing to move into our business. You need no previous experience of training or Equine Guided Learning, just a desire to do the work.


On the Program you will learn :-

· To engage your strengths and passions to design and deliver an amazing EGD program focused on your key skills

· To design exercises and programs

· How you can put programs together

· What exercises I use and why

· How to use video and other feedback structures

· Effective marketing strategies

· How I care for & select the horses I work with

Costs and Booking

The programme cost is £1,250 +VAT and includes all workbooks, Lunch, DVD and refreshments.

Standard terms are 50% to book place with remaining 50% to be paid 1 week prior to programme. We can also provide easy payment plans. Contact us for detail.

2018 Programme

Wednesday 1st - Friday 3rd August 2018

To book your place CLICK HERE and send us an email.


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