Since the early days we have always used video as a medium to inform, support learning, share our concepts and sometimes just for fun. We hope you enjoy watching them as much as we enjoyed making them.

The magic of Horse Assisted Education: on the 23rd March 2015 we ran the 14th cohort of the Concious Leader programme for CISCO partnering with Red Hat People. During the programme Roberto connected to his true self and started having fun. This is what happened.

A group of Leaders from Warehouse/Oasis attended a bespoke development day with us. In the closing a received an email from a friend with a beautiful declaration written by Virginia Satir. It fitted the day perfectly and so we created with video with these very wise words. 

I just had to share this video of our wonderful horses playing during the watching and assessing exercise. They were so full of life and having such fun running, bucking and jumping. We feel truly blessed to be partnering with these wonderful beings.

A wonderful example of the horses teaching us clarity of thought and intention.

On Wednesday 1st June2016 we had the privileged of running the Concious Leadership Discovery day 1 for Cohort 25. We feel truly honoured to be part of this deeply profound learning experience.  We know it is making a huge positive impact in all domains of the participants lives. Enjoy this celebratory video.



Sometimes video just create themselves, this is one such video. I wanted something to give a sense of the programme and not focus on the content; this is it...........enjoy it as much as I did creating it.

I wanted to celebrate the 30th cohort of the Concious Leader programme with something a little different so I decided to make a short video using only my iPhone. This is the result, filmed and edited only on the iPhone.